Mushtaq Ahmed will have to leave the post of President of Hockey India


The Sports Ministry has taken a tough stance against the National Sports Federations after the Delhi High Court did not recognize 57 sports associations. Under this link, he has made Hockey India the biggest target. In an order issued by the Ministry, Hockey India President Mushtaq Ahmed has been asked to step down. Not only this, but the Ministry has also made it clear that by holding new elections on 30th September this year, inform them. Earlier, the Ministry has instructed the Secretary-General of the Gymnastics Federation of India, Shanti Kumar Singh to step down and hold fresh elections on it.

President's election does not meet the rules

A letter written by the Ministry to the Secretary-General of Hockey India states that Mushtaq Ahmed has been the Treasurer of Hockey India from 2010 to 2104 and General Secretary from 2014 to 2018. He then became the President of Hockey India from 2018 to 2022. This is his third consecutive term as an officer, which does not meet the age and tenure guidelines for sports associations from the Ministry. In such a situation, Mushtaq Ahmed is advised to immediately leave the post of president. Also, elections for the term of 30 September 2022 should be held on the post of President.

Ministry took a year and a half to review

Surprisingly, after reviewing the ministry for about one and a half years, it has been decided that the election of the President of Hockey India is wrong. The ministry has written that it has found flaws in the election of the president in response to Hockey India's letter dated 23 February 2019. Not only this, but the Ministry has also taken out this order when the High Court has said in its order that information about any decision taken by it in relation to sports associations will be brought to its notice. Hockey India is the same federation whose recognition was recommended by the ministry before the court till 30 September.