Most disputed match in Test history: Captain Kumble wanted to present Nazir to the world


Former Team India captain and veteran leg-spinner Anil Kumble has said that mid-term cancellation of the tour could have been an 'acceptable' option after the disputed Sydney Test on Australia tour in 2007-08, but his team did Continue because she wanted to set an example to the world by winning the remaining matches of the series in odd circumstances.

The Sydney Test in January 2008 is remembered for the poor umpiring as well as the 'Monkeygate scandal'. In this controversy, off-spinner Harbhajan Singh was accused of making racist remarks on Andrew Symonds. The ICC had also banned Bhajji for three tests.

India had then appealed against this decision of the ICC and there were also such things that it was possible that Team India might leave its tour in the middle and return. Eventually, the three-match ban on Harbhajan Singh was lifted and he was fined 50 percent of New Zealand High Court judge John Henson Nematch fees.

Anil Kumble was talking to Ashwin on the memorable journey of his cricketing career in Ravichandran Ashwin's YouTube show 'DRS with Ash'. This veteran player said, 'You know that as a captain you have to take decisions on the field. Here I was facing something that was off the field and I had to make a decision that would be in the interest of the game.

Kumble, 49, holds the record for most Test wickets from India. He said, 'He felt Harbhajan was' wrong' by the ICC decision. Naturally, we all had to stand together as a team, but the challenge was that there was more discussion than Team India wants to leave the tour and return. Yes, you know, probably (people) would have assumed that the Indian team was wrong and so they came back. '

Many decisions of the umpires were also bad there. Especially in the Sydney Test, which went against India. In this test, Steve Buckner was also umpiring, who has recently admitted his mistake regarding this test.

India lost their first Test by 337 runs on this tour and lost by 122 runs in the second Test as well, but in the third Test played in Perth, they won by 72 runs and played the fourth and final in Adelaide. There was a draw.

The leggy (leg-spinner) did not say, 'I understand that as captain and as a team, we went there to win the series. Unfortunately, the first two results were not in our favor, the best result of the series should have been a draw as there were two Tests yet to be played and just wanted to stand with the team.