Miracle: this cricketer made such a record, click here to know more


Cricket is called a game of uncertainties. Now a women's cricket in India has got a unique record. Chandigarh captain Kashvi Gautam has created history by taking all ten wickets of the opposing team in limited-overs cricket.

She has become India's first Indian woman and second women cricketer to make this record. Earlier in the one-day cricket, this achievement was achieved by Mehboob Alam of Nepal.

Kashvi Gautam took all ten wickets, including a hat-trick, against the hosts in the Women's Under-19 ODI in Andhra Pradesh. Kashvi showed the way to the pavilion by giving all the batswomen only 12 runs. The Andhra Pradesh team was all out for only 25 runs.

Chandigarh won this match by 161 runs. Earlier, Chandigarh scored 186 runs. Significantly, from India, the great spin bowler in Test cricket, Anil Kumble has taken all ten wickets in an innings against Pakistan.