Kolkata should have changed captain before IPL starts: Gambhir


Former Kolkata Knight Riders captain Gautam Gambhir believes that the franchise should have changed the captain of the team before the start of IPL 13.

Kolkata captain Dinesh Karthik left his post on Friday, saying that he had to concentrate on his batting. Eoin Morgan was appointed as the captain of the team in place of Karthik. Gambhir however believes that Morgan will not be able to bring much change in the team.

Karthik was the captain of Kolkata for the last two and a half years and led the team in seven matches this season, of which Kolkata won four and lost in three matches. Under Morgan's captaincy, Kolkata faced Mumbai Indians where they lost by eight wickets. Gambhir said, "Cricket is not a game of relationships. There is a need to perform here and to be honest, I don't think Morgan will be able to bring much change." If he had taken over the captaincy at the beginning of the tournament, he could have brought a lot of change. Changing the captain in the middle of the tournament does not matter. It is better to have a good relationship between the coach and the captain.

He said, "I am a little surprised by this decision of the franchise. Karthik has led Kolkata for two and a half years. The team did not have to change captain

in the middle of the season. The situation in Kolkata is not so bad that they have to change the captain, so I am surprised by this decision.