Kapil Dev named him as the most dangerous all-rounder!


Former Indian captain Kapil Dev spoke to veteran all-rounders Ian Botham of England, Imran Khan of Pakistan, and Richard Headley of New Zealand. Kapil said that he was a better athlete than these three. At the same time, he told Botham the most brilliant all-rounder. Former Indian cricketer and current head coach of the women's team, WV Raman, chatted online with Kapil. During this, Kapil said, "Ian Botham was a true all-rounder. He could win the match under any circumstances. I do not want to say that Headley was the best Batsman.

Talking to Indian women's cricket team head coach VV Raman, Kapil said that Ian Botham, Imran Khan, and Richard Headley were the most hardworking Imran but he considers Botham to be the only all-rounder.

"Ian Botham was a true all-rounder, he could win the match on his own under any circumstances. I would not like to say that Headley was the best batsman. Botham could harm the opposing team with both his batting and bowling. Imran also was capable of scoring runs but his team leadership ability was amazing. Keeping Pakistan's team under control was a challenge.