Jason Holder overtook Brian Lara in this case!


The West Indies have maintained their unbeatable record in chasing a target of 200 or less. Vidyas successfully chased down the target of 200 runs on Sunday in the first Test against England, winning by four wickets and taking a 1–0 lead in the three-match series.

This was the 61st time in West Indies Test history when he scored a target of 200 runs or less to win. In these 61 occasions, the West Indies have won 55 times and are drawn on six occasions.

The West Indies have won the first Test of the series after 20 years in England. Earlier in the year 2000, West Indies won the first Test innings of the series in England and by 93 runs but lost the series 1-3.

This is West Indies' 11th win in 33 Tests under Jason Holder's captaincy and has become the third most successful captain of the Vivies jointly, surpassing legend Brian Lara. Holder is now on par with Richie Richardson, who has won 11 of 24 Tests under his captaincy.

Lara won 10 of the 47 Tests under his captaincy. Next on Holder are Vivian Richders and Clive Lloyd. Vivian Richards has won 27 of the 50 Tests and Clive Lloyd has won 36 of the 74 Tests