Japanese officials worried about Tokyo, fearing coronavirus; Rapidly increasing infection cases


Japanese officials are worried after the increase in cases of coronavirus in Japan. Officials sounded the alarm on Thursday after a record number of coronavirus cases were reported in Tokyo for two consecutive days. Japan's Chief Cabinet Secretary Katsunobu Kato told reporters that we have never faced such an expansion of infections. He said new cases were rising not only in the Tokyo area but across the country.

Amid the ongoing Olympic Games in Tokyo, the capital of Japan, cases of coronavirus are increasing here. On Wednesday, 3177 new cases of corona infection were registered in Tokyo. This is by far the largest figure of infection in a day in Tokyo. This is the first time since the start of the Tokyo Olympics, that the daily cases of infection have crossed 3000.

According to Japan's health ministry, Japan has kept its cases and deaths lower than many other countries but has been rising on average for the past seven days and is now 28 per 100,000 people nationwide and 88 in Tokyo.

A record 2,848 new cases were made in Tokyo on Tuesday. But more new cases were reported on Wednesday, since the outbreak of the epidemic at the beginning of last year, the number of infected people in the capital of Japan has reached two lakh six thousand 745. Ahead of the start of the Olympics in Tokyo, an emergency has been in force since July 12. The Olympic Games, which started on Friday last week amid public protests and concerns over the possibility of an epidemic, experts say that the cases of infection in Tokyo are due to the delta variant of the virus, which spreads very rapidly.