Jailed Sushil Kumar demanding protein shakes and exercise bands!


Wrestler Sushil Kumar, arrested in connection with the murder of a fellow wrestler, has demanded protein supplements, exercise bands, and a special diet for the upcoming Tokyo Olympics.

Sushil Kumar, the only Indian to have won two individual Olympic medals, has approached a Delhi court with his request.

The champion wrestler was arrested by the Delhi Police on May 23 in connection with the murder of his junior Sagar Dhankhar at the Chhatrasal Stadium in the national capital.

Police have alleged that Mr. Dhankhar died in a Delhi hospital in the first week of May after being thrashed by Sushil Kumar and his associates.

The police have also found a video clip of the assault in which Sushil Kumar and his associates were allegedly seen beating up the victim. Sushil Kumar was on the run for nearly three weeks before his arrest.

The normal diet of the prison consists of five rotis, two vegetables, pulses, and rice, which the prisoners get twice a day. They can also buy goods worth ₹6,000 per month from the jail canteen. However, the prison diet is proving to be insufficient for Sushil Kumar, who is known for his muscular body.

As part of the special diet, Sushil Kumar wants omega 3 capsules, pre-workout supplements, and multivitamin pills, among other things. The court is likely to pronounce its verdict on Sushil Kumar's plea on Wednesday.

Sushil Kumar has been kept in a separate cell in Delhi's Mandoli Jail. They are not being allowed to meet anyone due to security reasons.