Iyer fed dosa made bu her mother, Virat said thanks in a special way


Indian cricket captain Virat Kohli has been away from his mother in Mumbai for a long time due to Corona virus epidemic. In such a situation, when he got to eat the food of the hands of a cricketer's mother, he could not stop praising himself. He also sent a gift of his hand biryani in return for the cricketer's mother.

Actually, Shreyas Iyer took his mother's hand dosa to his house for captain Virat Kohli and gave him this surprise. After getting the delicious dosa from Shreyas Iyer, Captain Virat Kohli shared this information with his fans on social media.

While sharing his photo with Shreyas Iyer on Instagram, Kohli said, 'A good neighbor who lives 500 meters away from our house brought us a dosa. He brought a smile to our face. Thank you friend for your mother. We had not eaten such a delicious dosa for a long time. Hope you like our sent mushroom biryani