IPL 2021: This technology will also debut in IPL 2021, will change the way of watching matches


The Indian Premier League, or IPL, has been held for 13 years, and now in the 2021 session, some different things are going to be seen so that the fun of watching live matches on TV and smartphones will be doubled.

Star Sports, the official broadcaster of the Indian Premier League, the IPL, plans to make some technological innovations during the 14th edition of the IPL starting in Chennai on Friday 9 April. By promoting technology, Star Sports is going to double the audience's fun. Those who watch live matches on TV and smartphones will like these innovations.

In IPL 2021, spectators are not allowed inside the stadiums. In such a situation, Star Sports intends to provide fans with the same atmosphere they would have experienced inside the stadiums. Good coverage is planned for that, in which something new is also going to be seen. In particular, there will be more transparency on things like fielding and running between wickets, while speed can also be seen.

In an interview with The Telegraph, Sports, Star, and Disney India head Sanjog Gupta said, "There has been a lot of analysis for batting and bowling, but very little attention has been paid to fielding. We are going to adopt the things that the players are going to do." For, there is an objective assessment of fielding for teams and stages in the game. " Information will be kept from catch to save the run.

The official of Star Sports believes that now you will also get to see the number of catches, how many catches, and how many conversion rate catches were the players. Apart from this, which player saved the most runs in the range of thirty yards, and which player saved runs for the team in the outfield. Such figures will also be presented this time so that the audience will also like them.

Broadcasters are going to do the most important thing this time when the two players run between the wickets, how fast they run, and which is the pair that runs between the fastest wicket. Based on the data, it can also be shown through fielding which team is weak and which team is strong. This time, Star Sports will install 32-36 cameras according to the stadium.

Sanjog Gupta has told that this time such a technique will also be seen that if a player has caught a catch on the boundary line then you will get a view of each side of it. When every angle is on the TV screen, every angle can be seen as a 3D. In this way, there will be no problem of any kind to the fielding and batting side. This technology will prove to be a boon, especially for the third umpire.