IPL 2021, MI VS RR HEAD TO HEAD: Whose victory in Rajasthan and Mumbai today, know from last 5 matches


Today is the day of a doubleheader in IPL 2021, the first match to be played between Mumbai Indians (MI) and Rajasthan Royals (RR). Even though Mumbai has won the IPL title 5 times so far and Rajasthan has won the trophy only once, but then what will be the victory today, you can decide with only 5 matches.

On the IPL pitch, the two teams have equal competition. Both teams have faced each other 22 times so far, in which both have won 11-11 times.

In IPL 2020, there were 2 matches between the two teams and both of them have won one match in Rajasthan and one in Mumbai. This means that even here the competition is equal.

If you look at the history of the last 5 matches, Rajasthan Royals are a little ahead. In the last 5 matches played between these two teams, Rajasthan has won the last 4 matches while Mumbai Indians have won only 1. Today on the pitch of Delhi, both teams have come face to face for the first time on the pretext of IPL. Therefore today's competition will be very exciting.