IPL 2021: IPL has been suspended in the middle! Click here to know how much damage will happen to the players, how much amount they will receive?


The IPL has been postponed indefinitely due to players being found positive during the IPL. This decision has been taken after several players, coaches and other associates came positive. But in such a situation, the earnings of players along with BCCI will also be affected. This time the BCCI has been estimated to have a loss of 2000 crores. Salaries of players can also be cut.

The number of matches a player has played will be paid accordingly. For example, if a player was bought for Rs 14 crore and has played only seven matches, then he will get only seven crore rupees. The senior official has said that this ratio will be applicable only when the player will present himself as part of the season, but the organizers have stopped the tournament midway. In such a situation, they will have to give half the season's money to the players.

Star will also get half the money

Star's five-year agreement is worth Rs 16 thousand 347 crores. Accordingly, the amount per year is more than three thousand 269 crores. If there are 60 matches in the season, then the amount of each match is about 54 crores 50 lakh rupees. Accordingly, the amount of 29 matches is about 1580 crore rupees. In such a situation, the board will suffer a loss of 1690 crores. The tournament's title sponsor is paid Rs 440 crore and BCCI is expected to get less than half the amount due to the cancellation of the tournament.