IPL 2021: Bad news came a day before the match! 14 people got corona!


With only one day left for IPL 2021 to begin, the first match of the IPL will be played on 9 April. The match will take place in Chennai and will be a match between the five-time champion team Mumbai Indians and RCB. Meanwhile, 14 more people associated with IPL have been hit by the coronavirus.

They are all members of the broadcasting team, all of them have been sent to isolation. Surprisingly, the members who have now come to Corona positive were staying in the Bio Six Bubble, even after this, their report has come to Corona positive.

So far, four players playing IPL have been Corona positive, including three Indians and one foreign player, although most of the next reports have come out negative, which is good news in itself. The first match of the IPL will be played in Chennai and will be followed by a match in Mumbai on April 10, where the condition of Corona is the most dangerous.