IPL 2021: After practice, this player of the Delhi Capitals team used to sleep in the parlor, such is the story of the struggle!'


Well today, according to Rishabh Pant's coach Devendra Sharma, Pant's life is the story of perfecting his skills amid all the struggle. The family of Pant, who lives in Roorkee, Uttarakhand, wanted to get him admitted to the top academy of Delhi cricket. Pant told the story of his struggle in an interview.

Somebody has rightly said that there is hard work behind success, this thing is related to Rishabh Pant, about coming to Delhi from Roorkee, Pant said, "Roadways bus used to run in the morning. I used to catch the bus at 2 or 2:30 in the morning.''

Pant had further explained, "The highway was not built at that time. It used to take 6 hours to go. Even when I used to come to Delhi, I was not sure where to stay. I used to stay alone in the gurudwara. There was a video game parlor there. Played video games for one or two hours a night. A conversation was had with the parlor. I used to always go there so I used to sleep there. My mother and father did not let me come alone. Mom used to come with me. What would she do during practice? That is why people used to serve in the gurudwara. Everyone used to help there.