IPL-2020: This beauty of Uttarakhand will do anchoring in IPL, which is going to start from today, photos ...


The Tanya Purohit of Uttarakhand's Srinagar will also be seen in the IPL-2020 starting from today. Tanya will be seen anchoring IPL cricket matches on TV for Star Sports.

She has also previously anchored in the CPL (Caribbean Premier League). The local residents are excited when Tanya's name comes into the sporting world after anchoring in modeling, films, and many events.

Star Sports has included him in the female anchoring team after a lengthy selection process. Although Tanya was selected in the last month of February, the IPL was postponed due to Corona infection.

Tanya's father DR Purohit is a Professor of English Literature at Garhwal University, Srinagar, retired from the Head of Department, and is in fellowship at the Institute of Higher Studies, Shimla.

Originally Uttarakhand resident actress Tanya's debut film is NH-10. Actress Tanya's father does theater. Tanya Purohit is the wife of journalist Deepak Doval.

She started going to the theater with Papa when she was studying in third grade. Then he also wished to see the father doing theater. She has been doing theater continuously for the last 15 years.

Tanya has anchored in modeling, films, and many events. Now there is a wave of happiness among the people of Uttarakhand when Tanya's name comes in the sports world.