IPL 2020: Gavaskar comments on Anushka for Virat's poor performance, actress gave this reply


Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma has given a befitting reply to former India captain Sunil Gavaskar on his statement in which he had commented on Virat Kohli for quitting a catch against Kings XI Punjab. Kohli, the captain of Royal Challengers Bangalore, did not farewell. After giving up two catches during the match, Kohli also failed to bat and managed only five runs.

Gavaskar, commenting on this, commented about Kohli's wife Anushka sitting in the commentary box. The comment did not go down well with fans of the Royal Challengers Bangalore captain and some of them even requested the BCCI (Indian Cricket Board) to remove Gavaskar from the commentary panel. Gavaskar was severely criticized after this comment. Actually, it happened that during the commentary, Gavaskar was watching a video, in which Virat was batting and Anushka was throwing the ball. The video is about the time of the lockdown when he was seen playing cricket at his house. That is why Gavaskar remarked that Kohli only faced Anushka's bowling during the lockdown.

Relying on the former Indian captain's comment, Anushka said, 'Mr. Gavaskar, it is true that what you said was not good but I would love it if you could tell that you accused his wife of playing husband Why did you think of making such a statement? I know that during all these years you have respected the personal life of any cricketer during the commentary. Don't you think you should have the same kind of respect for me and us? '

He further said, 'I am sure that you will have many sentences and words in your mind to comment on my husband's performance since last night, or do your words only matter when my name is mentioned in them? It is 2020 and things have not changed for me yet. When will this happen when I will be dragged into cricket and such unilateral comments will not be made? ' Let me tell you that on some occasions in the last few years, Anushka has been blamed for the poor performance of 31-year-old Kohli on the field.