IPL 2020: Dhoni was out on the first ball, Then extracted the DRS Brahmastra


The IPL's 13th season began on Saturday after a long wait in the Corona era. In the opening match played in the UAE, Dhoni's Chennai defeated Rohit's Mumbai by five wickets in a thrilling match. Despite a return to the cricket field after 435 days, Dhoni continued to flourish and he looked in his old colors.

Dhoni not only proved his captaincy but also proved once again why DRS is called Dhoni Review System. Actually, Dhoni came out to bat after Sam Karan was out. He was to face Bumrah on the first ball.

Bumrah bowled a batting ball to Dhoni on the last ball of the 19th over, on which Dhoni fired. But the ball went into the hands of wicketkeeper Quinton Dickock and there was a sharp appeal of a catch out. On this, the umpire also agreed to give Dhoni out. However, Dhoni was not happy with the decision and immediately used DRS.

Dhoni's guess turned out to be correct and the review did not hit the ball anywhere with the bat and the umpire had to reverse his decision. Despite this, Dhoni could not contribute with the bat and remained unbeaten without facing two balls.

However, there was a time in the match when Dhoni's review decision was not proved right. He also became the first player to take the DRS in IPL 2020 but missed out. Although such opportunities are rare, Dhoni's guess on the fourth ball of the 13th over turned out to be wrong.

Saurabh Tiwari missed Piyush Chawla's googly by swiping. The umpire denied the dismissal appeal of CSK players. Dhoni took a quick review, but the TV umpire gave the verdict in favor of the batsman.