IPL 2020- Chennai Super Kings out of IPL due to these super flop players


Chennai Super Kings, who were the most successful team in IPL history, have been knocked out of the playoffs in season 13. This season, under the leadership of Mahendra Singh Dhoni, he was not able to show the team that he is known for. If we skip one match this season, the team is seen to be able to fight in all the matches. Let us know that this season the team has won only 4 matches in which the last match was won against Mumbai.

Four-time champions Mumbai topped the list in the 13th season, but three-time champions Chennai was 'out' for the first time. The team did not qualify for the playoffs for the first time in its history. However, players like 'Naam Bade and Darshan Chhote' are responsible for this. Chennai has two league matches yet to be formalized. Chennai's IPL performance has been the worst ever.

The reason for the poor performance of the Chennai team in the league is the failure of the legendary players including captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni. Out of the 22-man squad, only four batsmen have crossed the 200-run mark. Only Faf Duplessis managed to score more than 400 runs. While Kedar Yadav flopped badly this season, Rayudu, Dhoni, and Watson also failed to win the team. Mahendra Singh Dhoni disappointed his fans the most this season. Dhoni has not been seen in rhythm since this season so far, he badly flopped in the long hit Lagaan.