IPL 2020: Chennai out of playoff race, sentimental Sakshi express her pain on social media like this


Chennai Super Kings fans were heartbroken by Rajasthan Royals win against Mumbai Indians on Sunday in IPL 2020. Mahendra Singh Dhoni's team will not be part of the IPL playoffs this year. At the same time, Sakshi Dhoni, wife of Chennai captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni, shared a sentimental post. In it, he has written that it is just a game. You guys are winners You will always be Super Kings in our mind.

Virat Kohli-led Royal Challengers Bangalore in their 12th match of the season on Sunday, despite registering an 8-wicket victory over Chennai, have been eliminated from the playoff race. Chennai is currently at the bottom of the points table with 8 points from 12 matches so far. Chennai has missed out on qualifying for the playoffs for the first time in IPL history. In the previous ten seasons, Chennai has qualified for the playoffs every time.

After being confirmed to be out of Chennai since IPL 2020, Sakshi Dhoni, wife of captain MS Dhoni, shared a passionate post for the three-time champion. Sakshi urged fans not to be disappointed. He described Chennai as 'winner then and still winner'.

Sakshi has shared a picture in which a poem has been written. It is written in the poem, 'It is just a game. Nobody wants to lose, but not everyone can win. Some people win, some people lose, some people lose some but this is just a game. While one heart is celebrating victory, the other is breaking. So many years have passed and we have seen some big wins and losses. Do not let your emotions dominate the sportsmanship. You were still the winner, you are still the winner today. Real warriors are born to fight. They will always be super kings in our minds and hearts.