IPL 2020: 'Chennai Express' derailed without Suresh Raina, now the team is lacking


Chennai Super Kings, who once played like champions in every match, looks colorless in the current season. CSK's team, which has lost two out of three matches, is unable to chase the target. In the absence of Suresh Raina, the middle order looks very weak.

After Rajasthan Royals also lost to Delhi Capitals, team coach Captain Stephen Fleming admitted that his team was 'a bit disorganized' and needed a clear strategy to move ahead in the tournament.

Fleming said some key players were not available for selection, which affected the team combination. When Fleming was asked not to send Sam Karan or Ravindra Jadeja up the batting order against Delhi, he argued arrogantly.

He said, 'Every wicket here is quite different from the other and we don't have Ambati Rayudu, Suresh Raina and some players in the batting. We are trying to find a way or a combination of using players. We have learned a lot in three days.

After losing by 44 runs, he said, 'We are a bit disorganized at the moment. We are missing some key players and we are trying to strike a balance that can make us competitive. We are trying to pick players according to the pitches here.

Fleming said, 'We have a lot of options in batting, so we are a bit disorganized. So, we need a clear plan. We are not getting a good start or big winnings from the top order.