Indian athlete Neeraj Chopra was facing problem in practicing, got his hair cut


Country's star javelin thrower Neeraj Chopra is fond of having long hair. When Neeraj of Panipat had set a national record by throwing 88.07 meters during the Federation Cup, he still had long hair. In the Javelin Throw Championship held in Finland, he was third with a throw of 87.69 meters. In this competition, he was wearing a cap on his head. The hat fell twice because of having long hair. This caused inconvenience. Even during practice, the hair used to come in front of the eyes again and again. Neeraj has got his hair cut so that there is no inconvenience in throwing during the competition in the Olympics. He has also put its picture on the internet media. He is preparing for the Olympics by staying in Sweden.

NRI friends were surprised to see short hair

Deepak Nandal of Maharana village lives in Stockholm city of Sweden and does construction work. They have got citizenship there. Neeraj Chopra is practicing right here in Oksala City. Five days back, Neeraj had met his friend Deepak. Deepak was surprised to see Neeraj's short hair. He told Neeraj that you look good in long hair. Then why cut your hair? Neeraj laughed and said that he loves hair, but because of it, the practice was getting uncomfortable. That's why they are made small. After the Olympics, I will raise the bar again.

Improving technique and focusing on fitness

Neeraj Chopra told that in Finland he got a chance to compete with Johannes Vatter and Wolcott. Now he is emphasizing technology improvement. Also working hard to stay fit. He will give his 100 percent to win a medal in the Olympics. Time will tell which javelin throw day it is. Who will get the medals?