India lockdown update: lockdown in many states of the country from today, know where strict restrictions have been imposed so far


Given the increasing cases of corona in many states of the country, now a lockdown is being imposed gradually. So far, strict restrictions of lockdown or corona have been implemented in 26 states and union territories of the country. States like Telangana, Karnataka, Gujarat, Chhattisgarh, Assam have taken strict measures regarding Corona. Some states have implemented strict lockdowns while some states have imposed strict restrictions on Corona. Let us know where the lockdown has been imposed throughout the country and where strict restrictions are in place. Know update here ...

10 days lockdown in Telangana from today

A lockdown has been imposed in Telangana for 10 days from today. It was decided to impose lockdown for 10 days in the state from May 12. During this period, from 6 to 10 am, the common people have been permitted to purchase essential goods and to do other important work.

Complete lockdown in a district of Chhattisgarh from today

Given the increase in COVID19 cases in Chhattisgarh, a complete lockdown has been imposed in the Gorilla-Pendra-Marwahi district from midnight to midnight of May 15 today.

Strict restrictions imposed in Assam

The Assam government has stated that given the increasing cases of COVID-19, stringent restrictions should be implemented. It is permissible to open all shops from 5 am on May 13 till 1 pm every day until further orders. Home delivery is allowed only after 1 pm. Weekly markets will be closed for 15 days.

Night curfew in 36 cities of Gujarat

Gujarat has also announced the extension of night curfew and other restrictions in 36 cities of the state by May 18. Gujarat Chief Minister Vijay Rupani decided to extend the night curfew and other strict restrictions to May 18 by 36 cities. Night curfew has been imposed in these cities including Ahmedabad, Surat, Rajkot, and Vadodara from 8 are to 6 am.

Help in Karnataka

The Karnataka government has announced a three-day free meal for the poor, laborers, and migrant workers at Indira Canteen by 24 May. This includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Preparation for lockdown in Puducherry!

Puducherry Deputy Governor T. Soundararajan has said that if people do not help the administration to stop the spread of Corona infection, then the lockdown in the Union Territory will become inevitable.

Lockdown in many states including Uttar Pradesh, Delhi

Uttar Pradesh, the country's largest state, has announced to extend the period of corona curfew (lockdown) to 17 May. In Delhi, the lockdown has been extended till Monday, 17 May. At the same time, the Haryana government has extended the restrictions on lockdown in the state till May 17. There will be a strict lockdown in Rajasthan from 5 am (May 10) to May 24.

Which states strictly

Strict restrictions in Maharashtra from April 5 to May 15

Lockdown in Bihar from May 4 to May 15

Weekend Lockdown and Night Curfew in Punjab till May 15

Janata curfew in Madhya Pradesh till 15 May

Curfew in Goa from May 9 to 15 days

Full lockdown in Kerala from 8 to 16 May

Partial lockdown in Andhra Pradesh from 12 noon to 6 pm for two weeks from May 6

Lockdown in Himachal Pradesh from May 7 to 16

May 5 to 14 days lockdown in Odisha

Restrictions like lockdown till 13 May in Jharkhand

Full lockdown in Mizoram from 10-17 May

Curfew in seven districts of Manipur from May 8 to 17