India has to win this many matches to make it to the semi-finals of the World Cup, see Point Table


India has played two matches in this World Cup so far and has won both the matches. In the first match, the Indian team beat South Africa and in the second match, the Indian team has defeated Australia. Now seven matches of India are left. India's third match is to be held on June 13 from New Zealand. Let's know how much matches India need win to reach the semi-finals.

When India wins at least this much matches then it is certain that it will reach the semi-finals

For your information, let us tell you that India has just reached 4 points in the points table, and it remains in third place. If India wins 5 matches out of the remaining 7 matches, then the semi-finals will be considered fixed. Any team has to win 7 matches to reach the semi-finals. In case of winning 6 matches, the team will be in the semi-finals based on the run rate.

If the Indian team is successful in winning the fifth, then the Indian team will be considered to be in the semi-finals. If any team wins less than 4 matches, then they will not reach the semifinals in any situation.

India is one of the main contenders for winning this World Cup. In such a case, it is considered to be almost fixed in the semi-finals. Please tell me what you think.