IND vs AUS: Click here to know about the backstory of Mohammad Siraj


Mohammed Siraj, who made his debut from the first Test, is drawing frequent buzz these days because of his bowling, but there are very few people who know about Mohammed Siraj's struggle and his career. Today we will tell you about Mohammad Siraj's career as well as his family and struggle.

Mohammed Siraj was born in a poor family on 13 March 1994, his father's name was Mohammad Gaus Siraj, an auto-rickshaw driver, Mohammed Siraj was just 7 years old when he had a passion for playing cricket, son's cricket dreams. Sraj somehow arranged for an expensive kit to complete.

During a show when Siraj was asked that it was heard that your salary was 500 rupees at one time, is it correct? Siraj said, "Yes", Mohammad Siraj again said that earlier I used to go with my maternal uncle. Used to play with him, I took 9 wickets in a match. Then Mama was happy and gave 500 rupees. I got 500 rupees at that time.