In the year 2020, this Indian cricketer made the place in the list of highest-grossing players, Roger Federer is in first place 


The list of the highest-grossing players has been released by Forbes this year. The first name in this list is Switzerland's star tennis player Roger Federer.

Federer tops with earnings of US $ 106.3 million. In this list of hundred players, the only name from India is the current cricket captain Virat Kohli. Team India captain Virat Kohli has achieved 66th position in this list with a gross of US $ 26 million (Rs 196.36 crore).

In the list, second-placed footballer Crustiano Ronaldo and Argentina's Leonal Messi are in third place. Ronaldo has raised US $ 105 million this year and Messi has raised US $ 104 million. This is the first time a tennis player has topped the list.