Gajar ka halwa is very beneficial in the rainy season! 


The rainy season is going on, in this season everyone's heart loves to eat hot things. In this season, if any sweet is liked the most, then it is hot carrot pudding, but do you know that eating carrot pudding has many benefits for our body. So let's know today what are the benefits of carrot halwa for our body.

Germs start to be produced as soon as the rainy season comes because during this time the weather keeps changing, sometimes it becomes hot and sometimes it becomes cold, so our immunity becomes weak in this season, but in this season you will consume carrot pudding. So it boosts the immunity of our body.

Apart from this, in today's time, most of people are very much troubled by the problem of their eyes, now even small children get glasses on their eyes, so to avoid this problem, carrot pudding is very beneficial because carrots contain lutein and Lycopene is found which relieves the problem of eyes.

It is known to all of you that our skin becomes very delicate during the rainy season because the effect of the weather is very much on our skin, but if you consume carrot pudding, then in this season the skin problem is also there.