Former West Indies veteran fast bowler Michael Holding wept over this matter


A day after West Indies veteran fast bowler Michael Holding gave a powerful speech on racism, he could not stop the tears while talking about his racist behavior with his parents during the live telecast.

Holding prior to the first Test match cricket match between England and the West Indies, said that the black race was dehumanized and that it would continue if the entire human race was not educated on racism. He became emotional while talking on the subject the next day.

He told Sky News, "This emotional side came out when I started thinking about my parents and I am getting emotional again." I know what my parents have gone through. My mother's family stopped talking to her because her husband was too dark. ''

Holding said, "I know what time they have gone through and that thing immediately struck me. I know it is a slow process but even if it is a small step, even if it is moving at a very slow pace, but I am hoping that it will continue to move in the right direction. ''

Racism has become a major issue in America following the death of a African-born George Floyd at the hands of a white police officer. Only then did the 'Black Lives Matter' campaign run around the world and was supported by the West Indies and England players before the first Test match.