Former India opener Gautam Gambhir gave this big information about Dhoni!


Former India opener Gautam Gambhir shared his memories with former captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni, describing how the two shared the room during a series.

Gambhir said, "We were a roommate for more than a month in those days and at that time we used to discuss hair. At that time Dhoni had long hair and we used to discuss how to keep it safe. ”In his early days, Dhoni was famous not only for his unique batting style but also for his long hair.

He said, "I remember we used to sleep on the floor because the room was small." We had made the beds out of the room and sleeping on a mattress on the ground was a pleasant experience. "Former India opener Gambhir said," We were both quite young.

Dhoni then made his debut in international cricket. We went to Kenya together, followed by a tour of India A to Zimbabwe and spent a long time together. But when you share a room with someone for a month and a half, you get to know a lot about him.