First online shooting league from July 4, Austria and Italy match in the initial tour


The world's first online shooting league will begin on July 4 with an opening match between Austrian Rocks and Italian Style. In this tournament, the Indian team will start their campaign against the Italian style on the second day.

The French Frogs will face Israel Mabarot on 10 July, while the Australian Rocks will take on the Indian Tigers on 11 July. The Spanish Chanos' team will take on Frans Frogs on 12 July.

The semi-finals of the tournament will be played on 18 and 19 July while the final will be played on 26 July. The third-place match will be held on 25 July. Each team will have three rifle shooters and a coach who will participate in the competition through the 'Zoom' online platform.

The tournament will use a specially designed format 'Race to Ten'. Former shooter Simeon Sharif, who started the league, said, "The shooters will aim at which they will be awarded points, whichever team reaches the first 10 points will be the winner."