Example : Praveen Jadhav became an archer to avoid daily wages, will represent India in Olympics


Praveen Jadhav of Satara had only two paths as a child, either working as a daily wage laborer with his father or galloping on the track for a better life. But he never dreamed that he would represent India in a sport like archery at the Olympics.

Father was able to earn 200 rupees after eight hours of hard work in wages

The journey of this boy from Parade village of Satara has been full of struggles. He had also started going on wages with his father but then sports changed the life of the Jadhav family. To run the family, his father said that he would have to leave school and work as a laborer. He was in seventh grade at that time.

Jadhav, who represented India in a sport like archery in the Olympics, said, “We were in very bad shape. My family had already said that I would have to leave school in the seventh grade so that I could work as a laborer with my father. After eight hours of hard work, his father Ramesh was barely earning Rs 200 a day. Many times he used to help his father in the work of fertilizing the fields.

coach changed life

One day Vikas Bhujbal, the sports coach of Jadhav's school, noticed the talent in him and asked him to participate in athletics. Jadhav said, 'Vikas sir told me to start running. He said that this would change lives and there would be no need to do daily wages. I started running 400 to 800 meters.

He became an archer at the Krida Prabodhini Hostel in Ahmednagar when during an exercise he fired all ten arrows at his target from a distance of ten meters. Since then he has not looked back and the family situation has also improved. He went to Krida Prabodhini in Amravati and later got admission to the Military Sports Institute of Pune.