Everyone eagerly waits for Kohli's T20 century, will Kohli be able to score a century?


Virat Kohli celebrated by scoring the highest score of T20 career during the first match in Hyderabad against West Indies.

In this match, Kohli scored an unbeaten 94 from 50 balls with the help of 6 fours and 6 sixes. But Kohli fell behind by just 6 runs after scoring his first T20 century. Had there been a few more runs in the West Indies account, there was every possibility that we would have witnessed Kohli's first T20 century.

Today, the second T20 match between India and West Indies is to be played at Greenfield International Stadium in Thiruvananthapuram from 7:00 pm. Today everyone's eyes will be on Virat Kohli. Chasemaster Kohli, who returned unbeaten after playing an innings of 94 runs in the last match, will all wait for the first T20 century.

Virat Kohli's international figures

Virat Kohli's international figures show that he has a marathon record of 70 centuries. These 70 centuries consist of 27 Tests and 43 ODIs. Kohli is the third batsman in the world to score the most international centuries. While Kohli is jointly No.1 in this case as captain. While Kohli's record in the ODI centuries is even greater. He is second behind Sachin Tendulkar in this case with 43 centuries. In T20 cricket, Kohli has played 2 times 90 plus (94 *, 90 *) and 2 times 80 plus (89 *, 82 *) innings.

These statistics of Virat Kohli indicate that Kohli is the emperor of centuries. In such a situation, will we get to see the first T20 century with Kohli's bat? Be sure to comment on your views.