Director sacked before Tokyo Olympics opening ceremony, know the reason


The day before the opening ceremony, the Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee sacked the director of the Games, who joked about the Holocaust in a comedy show in 1998. Organizing committee chairman Seiko Hashimoto said Kentaro Kobayashi, director of the opening ceremony, had been fired. He once joked about the apocalypse in one of his shows.

Hashimoto said, "We learned that Kobayashi had referenced a historical tragedy on one of his shows as a joke. We apologize for the inconvenience caused the day before the opening ceremony." Kentaro Kobayashi, the director of the opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics, has been removed from the Games at the last minute.

The opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics, being held after a gap of one year due to the Coronavirus epidemic, is to be held on Friday 23 July. A week before the opening ceremony, a musician was also dismissed by the organizers, as the musician had spoken out in a magazine interview about torturing his colleagues in the past.

Guinea removed from Olympics due to coronavirus

The African country of Guinea has decided to withdraw from the Olympics due to the re-spread of the coronavirus. Sports Minister Sanouci Bantama So announced in a letter addressed to the President of the Guinea Olympic Committee on Wednesday, in which he blamed the coronavirus and its variants.

"Due to the outbreak of the Covid-19 variant, the government decided to cancel Guinea's participation in the 32nd Olympics in Tokyo, given the health of the Guinean athletes," Sanssouci said.

It is known that five players from Guinea were to participate in the Olympics, out of which freestyle wrestler Fatoyumata Yari Kamara is very angry with this decision. Guinea has competed in the Olympics 11 times but has never won a medal. North Korea has also decided to withdraw from the Olympics citing the coronavirus.