Cristiano Ronaldo created history outside the football field, becoming the first person in the world to achieve this feat


Cristiano Ronaldo, one of the world's greatest footballers, remains in the headlines these days. Recently, the Coca-Cola Company had a loss of 30 thousand crores due to Cristiano Ronaldo. The company suffered this loss due to the removal of two bottles of Coca-Cola by Cristiano Ronaldo during the press conference.

The popularity of Portugal's legendary footballer Cristiano Ronaldo is increasing continuously. That's why he made history outside the football field. He has created this history on the social media platform Instagram.

Cristiano Ronaldo has more than 300 million followers on Instagram. Cristiano Ronaldo has become the first person in the world to achieve this feat.

Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson is in second place in terms of followers on Instagram. Dwayne has 246 million followers on Instagram. The 36-year-old Ronaldo is Portugal's top-scoring player with 106 goals.