Coronavirus Vaccine: Which Vaccine Will Indian People Get First? Know the latest updates related to vaccine


People around the world have been waiting for the corona vaccine for a long time, but it seems that the wait will be over next year and people will start getting the vaccine. Several vaccine trials are also going on in India, with Oxford-AstraZeneca and Bharat Biotech vaccines being the key. Now the biggest question is, which vaccine will the Indian people get first? According to media reports, the Serum Institute of India says that its vaccine will be available first in India. Actually, the Serum Institute has partnered to produce the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine in India. It will be launched here under the name 'Kovishield'.

According to the news, Serum Institute Chief Executive Adar Poonawalla says that his company is focusing on getting the vaccine first to India and then supplying it to other countries of the world. He said that our biggest responsibility is to think about our country first. After that, we will think about the 'Kovacs Plan' and then the other agreements.

Adar Poonawala said that talks are currently going on with the Indian government for the vaccine. He believes that by the quarter of next year, the serum institute will have such a vaccine that it can sell in the market comfortably.

According to a recent report, Oxford's Corona vaccine has been found to be up to 70% effective in the results of a large-scale trial. This vaccine is considered to be the safest and cheapest for India. According to experts, storing this vaccine is much easier than the rest of the vaccine.

According to reports, the Serum Institute of India can apply to the Indian regulator in the next month or December for approval of the emergency use of the vaccine. According to an official, if the vaccine is approved in December, the first batch of vaccines may come next year in January-February.