Corona cornered on IPL, BCCI said the tournament will continue, KKR and RCB match will be held on another day


Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) Varun Chakraborty and Sandeep Warrier were forced to postpone their match against Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) in Ahmedabad on Monday after they were found to be Kovid-19 positive. The IPL is to end on May 30 and the postponed bout of KKR and RCB will be held on another day before that. However, the BCCI has been consistently insisting that the league will continue, but Monday's affairs have certainly put the league in the shadow of Kovid-19.

From the IPL, it was said that Varun Chakraborty and Sandeep Warrier were found positive in the third round of the Test in the last four days. All other members of the team are negative for Kovid-19. It has also been reported that Chennai Super Kings (CSK) CEO Kashi Viswanathan, who arrived in Delhi to play matches, bowling coach Laxmipathy Balaji and another staff member were found infected with Corona on Sunday. However, Vishwanathan's test report came negative on Monday. Subsequently, a top BCCI source informed that Kashi's report came out wrong. He is not corona infected. The hotel the Chennai team has stayed in has also been sanitized and the players have undergone a corona test. Simultaneously practice has stopped.

Five DDCA employees were also found infected

Five employees of Delhi and the District Cricket Association (DDCA), who work at Delhi's Arun Jaitley Stadium, are also reported to have been found infected. The match between Mumbai and Hyderabad is to be held here on Tuesday. However, DDCA President Rohan Jaitley said that none of the infected employees were among those who were entrusted with the responsibility on the field. According to DDCA joint secretary Rajan Manchanda, the staff on match duty is not corona positive.

The rest of the people of KKR are negative

KKR's leg-spinner Chakraborty and fast bowler Warrier have been kept in isolation and reports of other team members are currently negative. Both of them are 30 years old. Of these two, the Warriors have not got a chance to play in one of KKR's seven matches so far in the current season. From the IPL, it has been said that the medical team is constantly in contact with the two and is monitoring their health. In the meantime, KKR's team will undergo a daily test routine to identify any other possible causes and treat them as soon as possible. The medical team will also identify people exposed to both positive players until 48 hours before collecting samples of positive results.

Delhi Capitals players will also be tested

KKR played their last match against Delhi Capitals on April 29 in Ahmedabad and now with positive results, the tournament may be in a panic situation, which will be held in a bio-bubble in six venues (safe environment to defend against Corona). The vacant stadium is being carried out. "Now players of Delhi Capitals (currently in Ahmedabad) will also be tested and every player who comes in contact with Chakraborty and Warrior will be identified through the app," a BCCI source said.

The person coming into contact with the infected person has to remain in isolation for six days.

Under the standard operating procedure associated with IPL's Kovid-19, a person exposed to an infected person must remain in isolation for six days and during the first, third, and sixth days, the test results should be negative. It is learned that Pat Cummins, the leader of KKR's fast bowling attack, has informed all the Australian players of IPL.

Chakraborty went to the hospital for a shoulder scan

Chakraborty went to the hospital for a shoulder scan after Thursday's bout and was then found to be corona positive. Chakraborty has participated in all KKR matches in the current season and is one of the most successful players on the team with seven wickets.

Even before the start of IPL, some players were found positive

Even before the start of IPL, some players were found positive, including players like Akshar Patel and Devdutt Padyakkal. This is the first case of a player or support staff being found positive in the middle of the tournament. More than three lakh new cases of Kovid-19 infection are coming up in India every day, while more than 3000 people are dying every day.

BCCI closely contacts football leagues

The BCCI has approached international football leagues. Through this, it has been found out how they are following bio-bubble and other things. It will be implemented in IPL.