Corona being overshadowed on cricket, captain Kohli told how mental health is affecting


During the Corona epidemic, all cricket matches are being held in bio-safe ie bio-safe bubble. This is a security cordon that no outsider can enter, nor are players in the bio bubble allowed outside. It also has to undergo several corona tests continuously in fixed intervals. Meanwhile, Kohli feels that it is mentally difficult for cricketers to be in a constant 'bio bubble'.

In fact, all the cricketers playing IPL have been in UAE since August, after which all the players in the Indian team will leave for Australia i.e. they will be cut off from the outside world for a long time. King Kohli spoke on the YouTube channel of Royal Challengers Bangalore before moving from one 'bio bubble' to another.

Indian captain Virat also has to consider the duration of any tour to play in a biological safe environment. Everyone living in the bio bubble is fantastic, the atmosphere is good. This is the reason why we are enjoying playing together and being together in the bio bubble, but it becomes difficult due to the constant happening.

On the occasion of his 32nd birthday, the Indian captain also spoke on mental health. He said that how long the tournament or tour is and what effect it will have on the players mentally should also be taken care of. Staying in the same environment for 80 days and doing nothing or being allowed to meet family in between. These things have to be seriously considered.

After playing three ODIs, three T20s, and four Tests in Australia, the Indian team will play the full series against England which will be in a biologically safe environment. Australia's David Warner and Steve Smith have also refused to play the Big Bash League due to mental fatigue caused by 'Bio Bubble'. England's Sam Karan and Jofra Archer are also counting the days of the bubble.