BYE BYE 2020: 2020 proved to be a very bad year for Team India, no major success found


In the year 2020, Team India could not achieve any big achievement, its captain Virat Kohli, then a year-long for a century

New Delhi. In the year 2020, the whole world suffered a coronavirus epidemic. The whole world came to a standstill. The playing fields were also closed and the cricketers also had to be locked at home for a few months. The year 2020 has hardly been memorable for any player and it proved to be a bad year for Team India. Whether it was a men's team or a women's team, both could not achieve any major success.

Team India's performance in 2020

The Indian men's cricket team played just 23 international matches in the year 2020. India participated in 23 Tests, 11 T20s, and 9 ODIs. He suffered defeat in all 3 Tests played in 2020. Team India lost a two-Test series on the New Zealand tour and then had to face defeat in Adelaide in a very embarrassing manner. Team India was reduced to just 36 runs, which is the worst performance in their Test history.

India won 3 out of 9 ODIs, although it did win the T20 series against Australia. Team India won 10 out of 11 T20 matches. At least Team India performed well on this front.

2020 was a bad year for captain Virat Kohli.

The year 2020 also proved to be bad for captain Virat Kohli. Virat Kohli, who scored a century, could not score a single century this year. His best score in 2020 was 89 runs. In 2008, when Virat Kohli made his debut, he could not score a hundred all year. Now, this is the second time in his career when he could not score a century in a year.

women's cricket team missed out on becoming the world champion

Talking about the women's cricket team, the year 2020 was very disappointing for her. The team played only 11 international matches and all of them were T20 matches. Team India, led by Harmanpreet Kaur, won 8 matches but got the biggest defeat of the year in the final of the T20 World Cup. In the final match, he was defeated unilaterally by the host Australia and after that defeat, the tears of Team India's players were seen. The year 2020 has been soaking eyes for Indian cricket. Hopefully, the year 2021 will bring success for them and Team India will flag the success.