Before Tokyo Olympics 2020, why there was panic in the Indian camp, know the reason


Tokyo Olympics 2020: The Indian camp, who arrived at the Sports Village for the Tokyo Olympics, was in a tizzy when the alarm of Kovid 19 was sounded in the Indian camp on Wednesday due to a mistake. There was an atmosphere of fear among the Indian players when the Kovid-19 alarm was sounded on Wednesday due to wrong entry in the health status application. However, no case is related to Indian players.

Indian contingent's deputy chief Prem Verma clarified that none showed symptoms of the virus and there was no positive case. IOA President Narendra Batra asked Prem Verma for a clear picture after three Indian officials with symptoms were shown in the Health Report App (OCHA), but the other app had no such details. Verma replied that no one had symptoms and that some people using the app for the first time had made a wrong entry.

He said that wrong information had been entered in updating health records. There is no positive case of any corona in the Indian camp. Let us inform you that players from many countries who reached the sports village have been found infected with the coronavirus. In such a situation, it was disturbing for the Indian Olympic Association that any member is corona infected. However, due to the wrong entry, the alarm was sounded on the app.

10m Air Rifle team was able to practice only 20 minutes

Just two days before the start of the Tokyo Olympics, India's 10m air rifle shooters got a chance to practice for only 20 minutes at the Asaka Shooting Range due to the schedule for different teams. Where other Indian shooters practiced for more than two hours. On the other hand, rifle shooters including Apurvi Chandela and Elavenil Valarivan got less than half an hour to practice. Apurvi and Elavenil have to participate in the competition on 24th July. The women's 10m air rifle events will begin on Saturday while the men's events in this category will begin the next day.