BCCI will impose a ban for so many years on finding any fraud relating to age!


The BCCI has decided to adopt a new policy regarding age-related disturbances in domestic cricket. The new rules will apply to players participating in tournaments of all age groups of BCCI in the 2020-21 season. According to the new policy, if the player confesses his wrong, that is, he confesses that he has committed an age-related disturbance, then he can escape. If the player is caught hiding this thing, then the BCCI can ban him for two years.

Under this new policy, a player who submits fake documents and confesses that he has tampered with his date of birth, will not be banned and will be allowed to play in tournaments if he is told the correct age. The player will have to submit his signed letter/email, with which he will have to submit the documents of his real date of birth by 15 September by verification with the concerned department.

If the registered player does not tell the truth and his documents are found to be fake, then he should be banned for two years and after completion of two years, such players will not be allowed to play in the BCCI age-group tournament. Also, the player who commits habitat disturbances, including senior women and men, will be banned for two years. The policy of confessing your own crime will not apply here.