Anushka's daughter Vamika seen in her lap, Virat Kohli shared a photo and message on Women's Day!


On the occasion of Women's Day, Virat Kohli has posted a picture of his daughter Vamika and wife Anushka and congratulated them for the day. Posting this photo, Virat has written that Anushka Sharma is the strongest woman in her life and wants her daughter to be like Anushka too.

Posting the picture, Virat wrote, "It is not easy to see the child giving birth. It can be an incredible and surprising experience for anyone. When you see this, you understand the true strength and divinity of women and you understand why God has created life in them. This is because they are stronger than us. ''

Virat further wrote, "Happy Women's Day to the strongest and soft-hearted woman of my life. Also, congratulations to her who is going to be like her mother. Happy Women's Day to all the wonderful women of the world too. "