All the team have prepared for the Asia Cup 2020, see who will host the season


The time table for the T20 World Cup and Asia Cup tournament to be held in 2020 has been released. All the main teams will take part in this competition. Pakistan will host this Asia Cup to be held in 2020, the last time the Indian cricket team won by defeating Sri Lanka. It remains to be seen whether this time the Indian team holds these titles or not.

These 6 teams will take part in the 2020 Asia Cup, India, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and the sixth team will be the qualifiers. The tournament will be played in 2020 in September. This tournament was awarded to the U.A.E. It is also likely to be played in.

Now the question is that this match not in Pakistan but the U.A.E. The reason why this is happening in Pakistan is that Pakistan will be afraid of the safety of foreign teams, and secondly, the cricket teams of Sri Lanka and India have also refused to play cricket in Pakistan, due to this tournament. Maybe in the E.