After the sex ban in the Tokyo Olympics, the players were intoxicated, at the open shop 20 minutes away from the fleeing village


It was already in controversy due to the Tokyo Olympics being organized in CoronaVirus. After this, the news of the distribution of 1 lakh 60 thousand condoms among the players (Condoms In Tokyo Olympics) made it even more controversial. However, after this, the Sports Committee decided that condoms would be distributed among the players after the event. But the jugaad of everything is present in the world.

Doing business is not everyone's business. For this, it is necessary to understand the market. Olympic athletes coming to Tokyo have been asked by the Sports Organizing Committee to abstain from sexual activity (Sex Ban In Tokyo Olympics). This has been asked for safety due to Kovid. But it doesn't seem to have any effect on the players. That's why the special shop, which is opened 20 minutes away from the Olympic Village, is crowded from morning till evening. This shop sells only and only condoms. The profit being made by the shopkeeper has become a matter of discussion.

The Tokyo Olympic Games Committee had requested players from different countries not to engage in sexual activities this time. Follow social distancing, focus completely on games. Because of this, the stock of condoms to be distributed in the Olympics was taken among the players. Earlier more than 1.5 lakh condoms were going to be distributed among the players. But later it was put on hold till the end of the game. Now after this sex ban, the players who are intoxicated for sex are seen roaming around a shop open 20 minutes away from the Olympic Village.

Only condom shop is open

There is a shop named Condomania just 20 minutes away from Tokyo Olympic Village. Condoms are sold here only and only 24 hours a day. Although this shop was opened in 1993, now it has come into the discussion. Only condoms are available here. The reason for opening the shop was to prevent HIV, AIDS, and unwanted pregnancy in the country. Apart from this, making people aware of safe sex. This shop also has its own website. It is clearly written in it that they want people to be able to buy condoms without any hesitation.

Many varieties of condoms are available

Condomenia's logo is a smiley on a yellow condom. Here you will find many varieties, sizes, brands, shapes, and colors of condoms. Apart from this, they also launch new condoms in which the shop including jelly condoms has got many positive reviews online. Many varieties of sex toys are also available in the shop. The shop may be small but you will get enough here. Right now during the games, the crowd here has attracted the attention of the people.