After Ronaldo, now this Muslim footballer removed the beer bottle from the table!


So far it has been seen many times that a tweet by Elon Musk has caused the price of bitcoin to rise or the shares of a company to rise. A similar incident happened with the soft drink giant Coca-Cola. The incident happened because of two words spoken by footballer Cristiano Ronaldo during the press conference.

During the press conference, 2 Coca Cola and a water bottle were lying on Ronaldo's table. Ronaldo took out both the Coca-Cola bottles and picked up the bottle of water and said 'Drink the water'. The Coca-Cola Company suffered a loss of Rs 293 billion due to this incident. Due to this, the Coca-Cola company suffered a loss of about 3 trillion rupees.

Now French star midfielder Paul Pogba has removed a bottle of Heineken beer from the table from his press conference and he has come into the limelight. Paul Pogba's video has become viral as soon as it comes on social media. For information, let us tell you that the European Championship has a variety of sponsors, including the Dutch beer company Heineken. Its bottle was kept on Paul Pogba's table. When the midfielder who believed in Islam caught sight of the beer can, he removed it.

People praised Paul after seeing this but risked his career. For information, let us tell you that Heineken is one of the biggest sponsorships of the European Championship.