3 lies related to cricket that we have believed to be true, now know the reality


We all love watching cricket. There is no doubt that cricket is the favourite game of millions of Indians. Today we will tell you about some such fun things related to the cricket world, which we have come to believe to be true till now but these are lies. So let's know about these things.

1. It is said that in a match of 1894, a batsman hit such a shot on 1 ball that caused the ball to get stuck on a big tree. By the time the other team's players found it, the team had taken 286 runs. But there is no truth in this story.

2. When Mahendra Singh Dhoni started his career in the cricket world, it was said about him that Dhoni drinks 5 litres of milk every day. That's why he is so fit but this is completely untrue.

3. At the time of the World Cup of 1999 Herbal Gibbs miss the catch from Steve Waugh. It was being said that after missing the catch, Steve waugh said to Herbal Gibbs that you have missed not only the catch bu the World. But this thing is also completely untrue.