11 year old Sky's hand is broken but not encouragement,Brown will become Britain's youngest player to participate in Olympics


Britain's 11-year-old skateboarder Skye Brown suffered an accident while training in California. He suffered a fracture in his head and fractured left wrist and arm in this horrific accident. Despite this, this young skater from Britain has not lost his spirits. He told his fans not to worry about him. He is alright.

Sometimes it is good to fall. Sky tweeted, "I want to reach new heights for girls in skating and surfing." I will win a gold medal at the 2021 Tokyo Olympics. No obstacle will prevent me from doing so. Britain will be the youngest player in the 92-year history to participate in the Sky Tokyo Olympics.

Fast improving

Sky's father Stewart said his condition was improving rapidly. We are lucky that she survived after such a big accident. The sky is preparing for the Tokyo Olympics. She lost her control while training on a skateboard last Thursday and succumbed to an accident.