Zone Of Silence: The Unique Place Where Electronic Devices cannot be operated


There are many places around the world, which are famous for their special features. One such place is in Mexico City, which is known as the 'Zone of Silence'. This place is very strange, knowing about which you will also be surprised. Knowing the strange events happening here, you will understand why the place was named 'Zone of Silence'?

The weirdest thing here is that all the electronic devices of the world stop working automatically as soon as they come to this place. It is said that there is something here, due to which the radio frequency does not work here. This place is known as the Chihuahua Desert in Mexico. To date, no one has been able to know why electronic devices stop working after coming here. Many other things are said about this place.

This place came into the discussion around the world when the meteorite dropped here. The first meteorite dropped here in the year 1938. After this, the second meteorite hit this place in the year 1954. Since then, people claim to be somewhat peculiar at this place.

It is said that the reason why electronic devices fail in this mysterious place, research was done when a test rocket of America passing here was razed. After this, when the scientists reached this place, they were surprised to see that the direction compass and GPS were rotating like the Chakri.

The place was named 'Zone of Silence' in the year 1966 when an oil company came here in search of oil. When the people of the company started doing research on this area spread over 50 kilometers, they got very upset because all their electronic devices stopped working. They could not find a single radio signal.