Your luck shines by planting these plants at home, happiness and prosperity comes


Trees and plants are the basis of our life. When we see green plants, our mind experiences a different kind of peace. Vastu has also been mentioned in Vastu. Some such plants have been mentioned in Vastu Shastra, which you get lucky by planting at home. Happiness and prosperity come at home. Planting these plants at home is considered very auspicious. By planting these plants in the house, the environment is not only pure, but there is also the communication of positivity, but these plants should be planted according to the right direction and rules. So let's know about those plants ...

Money plant plant

The money plant is a plant that most people know about. This plant is considered to be a rain-fed plant. It grows as a vine. If you plant this plant properly and in the right direction, then it is definitely a plant that gives happiness and prosperity.

Right direction and location of money plant

Money plant can be installed in the hall or living room of your house. It should always be applied in the south-east direction. The lord of the southeast direction is the planet Venus which is the factor of wealth. Therefore, it is considered very auspicious to install money plants in this direction.

Keep these things in mind when planting a money plant

While planting the money plant, keep in mind that its vine should always move upwards. The bell going up is a symbol of progress. The bell should never hang downwards. Never plant money plant outside the house.

Tulsi plant

Besides the religious importance of Tulsi, Ayurvedic significance is also considered. Tulsi is dear to Lord Shri Hari Vishnu, the follower of the world. It is believed that where Tulsi resides, along with the grace of Lord Vishnu, there is also the grace of Lakshmi. Due to which prosperity and happiness also reside in your home. Tulsi is also considered very important in Vastu. Tulsi has the ability to absorb negativity. Applying it in the house brings positive energy and also relieves the bad effects of Tulsi Vastu dosha.

Right direction and location of planting basil

In earlier times, basil was planted in the middle of the courtyard. In today's changing times, the size of people's homes has also changed, so this plant can be kept in the verandah hall, etc. of the house.

Tulsi is venerable and is placed in the category of deities, so it is advisable to plant Tulsi in the north-east direction or north direction and east direction.

Keep these things in mind about the basil plant

While planting a basil plant, keep in mind that the sanctity of the place is maintained. There should not be any dirt around the basil. Do not touch basil with dirty hands.

Feng Shui Vastu Lucky Babu Plant

The bamboo plant grows rapidly upwards, so this plant is considered to be a factor of growth. This plant is considered the most auspicious in Feng Shui. It promotes luck and peace. Applying this plant at home brings wealth and prosperity. You can also apply it to your workplace.

Keep these things in mind

Never keep it in the sun. This will dry it very quickly, which is not right.

Tie it in a red ribbon by placing it in a vessel.

The bamboo plant should never be hung.