Young girls must know these tips related to masturbation!


Masturbation may not be considered morally correct, but sex experts and doctors have counted many benefits. The special thing is that Masturbation is considered very beneficial not only for men but also for women. So let's know about some tips related to masturbation that will work for women.

According to Courtney Kliman, co-founder of V Club, a New York-based relationship coaching institution, even though the creator is and G-spots are considered to be the main during masturbation, focus on the entire body except for these two parts. Focus more on the parts of the body such as breasts, hips, neck where there is more stimulation.

During the orgasm, keep your legs close to each other. According to Courtney Kliman, doing so gives more Pleasure during masturbation. In this state, the stimulation of the clitoris increases, causing more stimulation.

If there is no time for masturbation, then focus on a sexual fantasy. According to Kliman, our brain is the largest sex organ and therefore should focus on the same moment during the sexual act. It gives more Pleasure.

Along with the Pleasure, if the water is also required, try water masturbation. That is, masturbate in water. According to sex expert Jess Orelli, this technique relaxes the body as well as the mind.