You will remember your childhood watching these 5 advertisements coming on TV years ago !


The advertisements which made a splash in the early stages of TV, their memories are still alive in crores of crores. Even today, as soon as we hear the music of those advertisements, they get engulfed in our hearts and minds. These advertisements appearing on the Indian public service broadcast 'Doordarshan' had access to every household. Let's talk about 5 of them in advertisements.

1. Pan Parag demand

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At one time there was a demand for pan pollen to welcome the barayas. In such a situation, you will remember the song Paan Parag Paan Masala Paan Parag.

2. Complain

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When Shahid Kapoor used to say 'i am a Complan Boy' in the advertisement of the Complan, it seemed as if the height had grown up. At that time, every child insisted on drinking the Complan.

3. Bajaj Scooter

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Our tomorrow, our today, elevated picture of India - our Bajaj. Although the Bajaj scooter is no longer visible. The company has stopped manufacturing scooters.

4. Sundrop Oil

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The advertisement of 'Sundrop' oil was also very popular at that time.

5. Nirma Soap

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There is no need to tell anything about this advertisement of Nirma Soap.