You should keep these 5 things in the house, it will be auspicious!


1) Horseshoe - Keeping the horseshoe in the north or east direction on Saturday is beneficial. If you hang the horseshoe in this direction, your family will never get a bad eye.

2) Peacock feather- Peacock feather is equipped with immense positive energy. In such a situation, if you keep the peacock feather in the vault, then positive energy starts coming there. This wealth is also attracted towards you.

3) White Elephant- Lakshmi arrives by keeping a picture of the white elephant in the house. Because you can see the elephant standing around Laxmi Ji. He is very dear to Lakshmi Ji.

4) Silver coin - The silver coin on which Lakshmi ji's shape is made. You keep this coin in the house of worship. This will save your house and there will never be any shortage of money.

5) Metal Tortoise - Keeping a metal turtle in the house provides great benefits. The tortoise is a favorite of Lord Vishnu. Therefore, the connection of Vishnu's wife Lakshmi Ji is somewhere with the benefit of money.